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Single Admission • Rock The Waterfront


Join us on Oct. 11 at the Morro Bay Yacht Club for “Rock The Waterfront!” Revel in live tunes by Riff Tide, savor gourmet hors d’oeuvres, and partake in a unique silent auction. Celebrate maritime history in style.

Maritime Museum members: Save $15 using code “Member Discount.” Secure your ticket today!

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Rock The Waterfront 2023 - An Evening of Elegance and Entertainment

Dive into a night of maritime magic this October 11th at the Morro Bay Yacht Club. Hosted by the Morro Bay Maritime Museum, the "Rock The Waterfront" event promises not just an evening, but an experience.

From the rhythmic melodies of Riff Tide echoing the waves of our shared maritime history, to the hand-crafted heavy hors d'oeuvres evoking the bounties of the sea, every element has been carefully curated to ensure an unforgettable event. But that's not all. A unique silent auction awaits, offering treasures and trinkets that echo tales of the vast ocean and its mysteries.

An added bonus? If you're a Maritime Museum member, we're giving you another reason to celebrate. Enjoy a special $15 discount when purchasing your ticket using the code "Member Discount."

Let the call of the sea beckon you once more. Book your tickets, mark your calendar, and prepare for a journey, not just of sight and sound, but of the spirit. See you at the waterfront!